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I like to support my community. Sharing become part of my desire. These designs below are my original effort.

From basic stamp border ornament, it become multipurpose design. Special inkscape design for your event!


If you wonder how to create stamp ornament border, you can read this first just in case you need to remake.

Sometimes, changing size required to remake the border.

What For?

You can use this stamp design for

  • e-flyer, targeting whatsapp and facebook.

  • digital certificate (image)

  • executive summary cover as hardcopy, using inkscape png export.


As usual, I always use free font.

I have already put each stuff in its own layer. So you can change the color and pattern easily.

Document Properties

Size: 1200px width, 1200px height

Event poster e-flyer

Please Click for higher resolution.

INCAFO: Diskusi Galangan

Energi: Diskusi Renewable

SVG Source

Executive Summary Book Cover

Please Click for higher resolution.

INCAFO: Executive Summary

SVG Source

Note that SVG source has the same design as after event announcement below.

After Event Announcement

I always say thanks to guests !

Please Click for higher resolution.

INCAFO: Ucapan Terimakasih

Energi: Ucapan Terimakasih

SVG Source

Certificate (Digital Image)

You can also say thanks to contributors !

Please Click for higher resolution.

Munas: Sertifikat atau Piagam

Energi: e-Piagam Terimakasih

SVG Source

This SVG is using ‘Bird of Paradise’ Font.

That’s all for now.