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Adding custom bullets decoration to impress slide using inkscape.

I have made a some presentation in the past. And all the content arranged by points of thought.

Article Series

This is a six parts article series.

  • Part One: Auto, the simple template

  • Part Two: Candyclone, the modern classic template

  • Part Three: Adding custom bullets decoration

  • Part Four: Adding content illustration

  • Part Five: Creating illustration diagram

  • Part Six: Adding genuine artwork

Default View

This one is an example of default view, in a simple fashioned view.

Points: Simple View

I think, there must be a way that this looks can be improved.

Progress Ring

Then I remember that I have made this article.

With the preview image as below:

Progress Ring: Unified Graphic Material


Source image is provided here below:

You can adjust the shadow yourself in inkscape, using filter editor.

Two Items

With a little changes I can produce this easily.

Points: Two Items

Just beware of the size, while copying directly from Inkscape to Impress.

Three Items

Now I can make it generic and put it into template.

Points: Three Items

Four Items: Big

Almost the same

Points: Four Items: Big

Four Items: Small

For four points of thought, I could also use smaller bullet.

Points: Four Items: Small

Five Items

Five bullets is just six bullets minus one. Just remove one bullet from below example.

Points: Five Items

Six Items

No need to explain.

Points: Six Items

Real Life Presentation

Here I present a slide sorter view of my SSG presentation. The original presentation consist of 48 pages. I remove almost all no bullets pages, and leave the slide sorter with, a bunch of pages with bullet of thoughts.

SSG Presentation: Slide Sorter

Custom Bullets

Of course you can make your own bullet to suits your own style. This is just an example, how you can improve your presentation.

After all it is all about creativity

What is Next ?

Consider continue reading [ Inkscape: Impress Slides - Part Four ].

Thank you for reading.