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This article series is intended for beginner.

Goal: Make your own theme using Bulma

With this guidance, you can make your own theme, for use with blogging, or simple company profile. You can also enhanced later to create, your own portfolio based on this knowledge.

To face real life, blog building situation, there will other guidance, based on this Bulma example.


Always refer to official documentation first, before you start this real world example.

HTML Tools

My intention is simplicity

I’m using pure HTML instead of static site generator, so that any beginner can follow this Bulma show case.

You can just open the file in the browser, and this will works.

CSS Tools

I’m using Sass to generate CSS, with .sass format instead of .scss. Because Bulma use .sass format.

Of course you can use any .scss format if you want, for your web design.

Learning Stylesheet

The Scope of CSS Tools

Learning CSS Frameworks is a part of this bigger picture below:

The Scope of CSS Tools

About Bulma

Bulma is an opensource CSS Framework. There are other alternative as well, such as Materialize or Bootstrap.

Why Bulma ?

There are a few of things actually:

  • Good documentation

    I really like the way Bulma make their documentation. It is very comfortable to follow. I’m not considering myself as web designer, and this Bulma documentation makes me understand a lot of stuff.

  • Modular SASS

    Compared with other alternative, I can see how clear Bulma structure folder is. I can easily alter, or create my own element or component, based on this partial SASS.

  • No Javascript

    Freedom to choose my Javascript.

Issue with Bulma

  • No complete helper

    The Bulma Developer does not want Bulma to be bloated. So we have to use third party SASS. And this shoul be no problem, as later we can show you easy this can be achieved.

Custom CSS

Create necessary sass, as you need.
However, still Bulma can save you,
from writing a lot of CSS code.

Part of Bulma

Just read again the offical documentation.

Example Showcase


I add some aestethic appeal, with more custom stylesheet.

Bulma: Preview

Source Code

Source code used in this tutorial, is available at:

This is also intended as a Demo.


This is would not be the best blog template that you ever have. Because I only put most common stuff, to keep the tutorial simple.

After you learn this guidance, you understand the fundamental skill. Thus, a base for you, to make your own blog site. With your imagination, you may continue, to build your own super duper Bulma site. Far better than, what I have achieved.

Table of Content

The table content is available as header on each tutorial. There, I present a Bulma Tutorial, step by step, for beginners.

Begin The Guidance

Let’s get the tutorial started.

Consider continue reading [ Bulma - Minimal ].

Thank you for reading.