Installing Jekyll on Arch/Manjaro is a little bit tricky. Jekyll built on top of Ruby Gems. Ruby gems in Arch/Manjaro Linux can be installed per user or system wide.

The official guidance, do not apply well in Arch/Manjaro Linux. So we need a little more detail, on how we suppose todo it in Arch/Manjaro Linux.

This article choose the system wide gems. Since Jekyll is not available in the official repository, there are a few more steps to utilize AUR package.

Install Ruby

$ sudo pacman -S ruby
$ gem list

Installing Ruby using Pacman

Install Jekyll

The official site

Gems per User

$ gem install jekyll

Installing Jekyll per User Using Gem

This will result

$ jekyll
 bash: jekyll: command not found

I will explore this later. So I decide to trash my ~/.gem directory

System Wide Gems

We will install ruby-jekyll with all their dependecies using yaourt. If you have trouble with yaourt, you can 1install them separately.

This ruby-jekyll package require ruby-sass.

Arch Linux

$ yaourt ruby-sass


It is in community repository

$ sudo pacman -S ruby-sass

Installing ruby-sass AUR using yaourt

$ yaourt ruby-jekyll

Installing ruby-jekyll AUR using yaourt

Running Jekyll

Test Installation

Let’s see if we have done the installation properly.

$ jekyll -v

There is no manual page in command line for jekyll. So this is all we got:

$ jekyll --help

Jekyll Server

Prepare your directory. And run Jekyll in your directory.

$ cd /media/Works/Development/
$ mkdir test-jekyll
$ cd test-jekyll
$ jekyll build
$ jekyll serve

Jekyll Build on Empty Directory

Since your diretory is currently empty. This will run empty site.

You should see the site in your favorite browser runnng on port 4000.

  • http://localhost:4000/

Generate blog

Clear all files, and let’s generate site skeleton.

$ jekyll new .
$ ls -l

Jekyll Scaffolding Generate Web Skeleton

You will see, some new directory and files required to run a simple Jekyll Blog.

Jekyll Plugin

Let’s go further. My site is using jekyll-paginate.

In _config.yml

   - jekyll-paginate

If you run Jekyll serve on it, it will complain about dependency error.

Jekyll Plugin Dependency Problem

All we need is to install standard plugin using yaourt.

$ yaourt jekyll-paginate

Installing ruby-jekyll-paginate plugin AUR using yaourt

Now you can have your Jekyll Site running smoothly.

Successfully Running Jekyll

You can check on port 4000.

Thank you for reading.