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Goal: Complete the article series.

There are at least six more articles to go. And I decide not to rewrite, because the rest six article have little to do, with Bootstrap nor Bulma.

Source Code

There are still things to explore. I have already bake them into tutor-05 source code. You can download the source code of this article here.

It is mostly the same with th Bootstrap counterpart, with a few enhancement.

Have fun with exploring.

If you want to read, you can continue to these old articles.

Table of Content

Content - Markdown

  • 1: Split Resource

  • 2: Shortcode: Link

  • 3: Shortcode: Image

  • 4: Responsive: Image

Content - Raw HTML

  • 1: Before Content: Table of Content

  • 2: Inside Content: Advertisement

Syntax Highlighting

  • 1: Built-in: Pygment

  • 2: Triple Backtick

  • 3: PrismJS

  • 4: Highlight Stylesheet

Meta - Opengraph

  • 1: Prepare Artefacts

  • 2: Head Tag

  • 3: Opengraph

  • 4: Twitter


  • Preface: Table of Content

  • 1: Google Analytics

  • 2: Disqus Comment

  • 1: Prepare Artefacts

  • 2: Search Page

  • 3: Navigation Bar

  • 4: Javascript Layout

  • 5: JQuery Requirement

  • 6: Search Data Source

  • 7: lunr Search

  • 8: Showing The Result

  • 9: Summary

What is Next ?

We are finished with this Hugo article series. Consider going back to [ Hugo - Overview ].

With confidence. Thank you for reading. The journey end here. It is always hard to say goodbye. It is up to you now to pair Hugo and Bulma, or pair each with other framework.

Feels like tired, after finishing these article series? This sleepy cat, need some sleep now.. Just like the sleepy cat, you may need some rest too. Our article series is finished. But you may continue to explore other challenging topic, tomorrow, or right away.

adorable kitten

At the end of the day, there is always people in need of help. There is always another material to explore. There is always another article series to be done.

Farewell. We shall meet again.