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Goal: Show Minimal Homepage in Hexo

This article use tutor-01 theme. We will create it step by step.

Here, I present a Hexo Tutorial, step by step, for beginners.


Our minimal homepage require at least four artefacts.

  • _config.yml

  • source/index.html

  • themes/tutor-01/layout/layout.ejs

  • themes/tutor-01/layout/index.ejs

Source Code

You can download the source code of this article here.

Extract and run on CLI:

$ npm install

0: Theme Making

Consider to have a look at the big picture below:

SSG Illustration: Theme Making

1: Minimal Configuration

First thing first, We need a workable configuration.

The original _config.yml provided is long, and we need a shorter one so we can learn sep by step. Consider have a look at this minimalist config:

# Hexo Configuration

# Site
title: Heartbeats for Bulma
subtitle: Who am I to keep you wait?
description: Too Long. Too Late. So Far Away. So Far Too Long.
keywords: affection, crush, dream, heartbeat, pulse
author: Mataharani
language: en
timezone: Asia/Jakarta

# Extensions
theme: tutor-01

Hexo: ViM Minimalist Configuration

We will also make this minimalist tutor-01 theme, right away.

2: Minimal Theme

In my early attempt with static site, it is always trying to understand how the theme works. The easiest thing to do this is to make a minimal theme, and modified later.

Layout: Tree

Our minimal theme only need two artefacts.

  • themes/tutor-01/layout/layout.ejs

  • themes/tutor-01/layout/index.ejs

tree themes -I node_modules -L 3
└── tutor-01
    └── layout
        ├── index.ejs
        └── layout.ejs

2 directories, 2 files

Hexo: Minimal Theme

Layout: EJS Layout

This layout contains the HTML skeleton of the whole web page.

  <meta charset="utf-8">
  <title><%= page.title || config.title%></title>
  <p><strong>This is header.</strong></p>
  <div id="content">
    <%- body %>
  <p><strong>This is footer.</strong></p>

All kind of page in Hexo, is based on this skeleton.

Notice that we have our very first EJS template:

<%= page.title || config.title%></title>


<%- body %>

Layout: EJS Index

This layout contains the content of landing page. This is usually the index of the blog.

<h1><%= %></h1>
<p><%= config.subtitle %></p>

<p><strong>This is index.</strong></p>

We will alter later, on tutor-04. Now we need to live with basic template.

3: Minimal Homepage

We are finished with minimal homepage.

CLI: Run Server

$ hexo server -p 4000 --debug
14:33:03.033 DEBUG Writing database to /home/epsi/tutor-01/db.json
14:33:03.152 DEBUG Hexo version: 3.8.0
14:33:03.153 DEBUG Working directory: ~/tutor-01/
14:33:03.818 DEBUG Config loaded: ~/tutor-01/_config.yml
14:33:03.923 DEBUG Plugin loaded: hexo-generator-archive
14:33:03.927 DEBUG Plugin loaded: hexo-generator-category
14:33:03.934 DEBUG Plugin loaded: hexo-generator-index
14:33:03.937 DEBUG Plugin loaded: hexo-generator-tag
14:33:03.953 DEBUG Plugin loaded: hexo-renderer-ejs
14:33:03.956 DEBUG Plugin loaded: hexo-renderer-stylus
14:33:03.984 DEBUG Plugin loaded: hexo-renderer-marked
14:33:04.242 DEBUG Plugin loaded: hexo-server
14:33:04.280 INFO  Start processing
14:33:04.418 DEBUG Processed: index.html
14:33:04.530 DEBUG Processed: layout/index.ejs
14:33:04.537 DEBUG Processed: layout/layout.ejs
14:33:05.053 DEBUG Generator: page
14:33:05.055 DEBUG Generator: post
14:33:05.058 DEBUG Generator: archive
14:33:05.058 DEBUG Generator: category
14:33:05.059 DEBUG Generator: index
14:33:05.059 DEBUG Generator: tag
14:33:05.060 DEBUG Generator: asset
14:33:05.073 INFO  Hexo is running at http://localhost:4000 . Press Ctrl+C to stop.

Hexo: Server

Render: Browser

Now check the generated page on your favorite browser:

Hexo: Minimal Homepage on Browser

Render: Source

Consider have a look at HTML source for a while.

$ curl localhost:4000
<head><meta name="generator" content="Hexo 3.8.0">
  <meta charset="utf-8">
  <title>Welcome to Heartbeat</title>
  <p><strong>This is header.</strong></p>
  <div id="content">
<p>Who am I to keep you wait?</p>

<p><strong>This is index.</strong></p>

  <p><strong>This is footer.</strong></p>

You can see how clean the output is.

Hugo: Minimal Homepage on curl

What is Next ?

Consider continue reading [ Hexo Layout ]. We are going to use theme, with layouts inside each theme. Out first theme is still pure HTML with no CSS.

Thank you for reading.