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This article is intended for beginner.

Goal: Hosting on Netlify Step By Step

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Choice: Deploying Method

How many ways to deploy your static site? I found at least ten ways to deploy SSG site.

Illustration: Deploy Options

1: Prepare Your Repository

Netlify only build repo to static site, but doesn’t host the repository itself. So you need to create your own repositry.

Where ?

You can create git repository using


Now you can make repository, with any name, for example:

Note that, this is just an example, you should use your username account. and you should use your own repository.

Github: Project Page Repository

2: Using Netlify

This step doesn’t require coding at all. Using figures below as an explanation would be sufficient.

New Site

Create a netlify, and then create new site

Netlify: New Site

Continuous Deployment

Netlify is using Continuous Deployment. You should pick the source of your repository.

Netlify: CI CD

In this example, I choose github.

Repository Application

Now you should pick one of the repo in your github

Netlify: Pick

You might need to setup authorization first, for your repository, so that netlify can access it.

Build Settings

Once you pick a repo, netlify is smart enough to, determine static site that you have. In this case Hexo.

Netlify: Build


After click the deploy button, netlify will give a random name.

Netlify: Overview

Tis takes a few seconds to delploy, depend on your project complexity.


You can preview your setting, and change whatever you might need.

Netlify: Settings

Change Subdomain Name

I mostly change the site name, with something that easy to remember.

Netlify: Name

Live Site

Now it is live. Served in this address:

Netlify: Live

What is Next ?

Consider continue reading [ Hexo - Summary ]. There is at last in this article series, a summary about what Hexo can do.