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Goal: Common use of markdown in Eleventy content

Source Code

This article use tutor-08 theme. We will create it step by step.

0: Markdown Content

Focus on document structure

Illustration: Markdown Content

1: Separate of Concern

There is not much to say about markdown. Markdown is easy, however there might be a tricky issue.

Why Markdown?

More on Writing Content

While markup focus on document formatting, markdown focus on document structure.


Common Structure

The common structure for content in Eleventy are:

  1. Frontmatter: YAML, or JSON, or Javascript, or even TOML.

  2. Content: Markdown or HTML

Th combination is all up to you, your choice, to manage your content.

Real Life Structure

I think that, it is easier just to live with this structure, split the content, and the resource (link and image).

  1. Frontmatter: YAML or JSON

  2. Content: Markdown

  3. Resource: Markdown

layout    : page

# Header 1

My content

[My Link][my-image]

-- -- --

## Header 1.1

My sub content

![My Image][mylink]

-- -- --

## Header 1.2

My other sub content

[//]: <> ( -- -- -- links below -- -- -- )


Split Resource

Notice, that the markdown divided into two part by using.

[//]: <> ()

It is a good practice to split resource and content. But do not take that to far. Simple things do not need to be separated.

2: Line Break

Eleventy markdown use standard markdown that require explicit backslash to make a new line break. So you do not need to worry about different markdown standard.

Page Content: Post

As usual, we require example content.

layout    : post
title     : 5FDP - Wash It All The Way
date      : 2020-02-23 07:35:05
tags      : ["metal", "2010s"]

I'm wasting here\
Can anyone\
Wash it all away?
I won't change for you\
And I can't take the pain\
There's nothing you can do\
And there's nothing you can say

11ty Markdown: Newline in ViM

Render: With Issue

This will result as:

11ty Markdown: Newline in Browser


Now you still need to different between paragraph and newline:

.blog-body p
  margin-top: 0.5rem
  margin-bottom: 0.5rem

Layout: Nunjucks Post

We need to wrap the content in layout/post.njk partial, with this blog-body class.

{% block main %}

          <div class="blog-content">
            {{ content | safe }}

{% endblock %}

3: Heading Title

This is a Bulma specific issue.

Markdown Render

Normally markdown render this:

# My Heading Title

Into this:

<h1>My Heading Title</h1>

Bulma Class Issue

Bulma require heading title to be written as this below:

<h1 class="title is-1">My Heading Title</h1>

Otherwise, heading title rendered without proper size. This means your heading would not be rendered correctly.

Page Content: Post

Again, content for example purpose:

layout    : post
title     : RATM - Bulls on Parade
date      : 2018-02-15 07:35:05
tags      : ["nu metal", "90s"]
opengraphimage: "/posts/2018/kiddo-008-s.jpg"

Weapons, not food, not homes, not shoes\
Not need, just feed the war cannibal animal

# Heading 1

## Heading 2

### Example Content

* While arms warehouses fill as quick as the cells

* Rally round tha family, pocket full of shells

11ty Markdown: Title Issue

The figure above show that all heading rendered with the same size.

Custom SASS: Heading

We can fix the title heading by this SASS.

  font-size: $size-2

  font-size: $size-3

  font-size: $size-4

  font-size: $size-5

  font-size: $size-6

  font-size: $size-7

h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6
  font-weight: $weight-semibold

And the result is prettier now.

11ty Markdown: Title Fixed

We can utilize pure markdown to provide link, or to provide image in eleventy.

Page Content: Resources in Markdown

Again, content for example purpose:

layout    : post
title     : RATM - Bulls on Parade
date      : 2018-02-15 07:35:05
tags      : ["nu metal", "90s"]

![Business Card][one-image]

### What's next ?

Our next song would be [Soulfly - Jump Da Fuck Up][local-whats-next]

[//]: <> ( -- -- -- links below -- -- -- )

[local-whats-next]: /lyrics/soulfly-jump-da-fuck-up/

[one-image]:    /assets/images/adverts/one-page.png

11ty Markdown: Image and Link Resources in Markdown

Prepare Image Directory

It is, a good practice to have a good structured directory. Just put all your resources in assets directory. And how you structure you image, javascript, vector and such, is actually up to you.

❯ tree assets/images assets/posts
├── adverts
│   ├── one-page.png
│   ├── oto-spies-01.png
│   └── oto-spies-02.png
├── authors
│   ├── broken-person.png
│   └── epsi-vexel.png
├── cards
│   ├── business-card.png
│   └── one-page.png
├── license
│   ├── cc-0.png
│   ├── cc-by-nc-nd.png
│   ├── cc-by-nc.png
│   ├── cc-by-nc-sa.png
│   ├── cc-by-nd.png
│   ├── cc-by-sa.png
│   └── cc-pdm.png
├── light-grey-terrazzo.png
├── logo-gear-opengraph.png
└── logo-gear.png
└── 2018
    └── kiddo-008-s.jpg

5 directories, 18 files

11ty Source Image: Tree

5: Caveat: Include

Can I use HTML in Markdown?

Although markdown can be preprocessed by nunjucks, and can also use include directive. It cannot embed any document with html tag.

Partial: Social Account

Consider this html partial.

  <div class="white hoverable p-t-5 p-b-5">
    <div class="widget-header red lighten-4">

      <strong>Social Accounts</strong>
      <span class="fa fa-user is-pulled-right"></span>

    <div class="widget-body red lighten-5">

      <ul class="widget-list">
      <li><span class="fab fa-telegram"></span>
        <a href="">@cahgentoo</a>
      <li><span class="fab fa-google-plus"></span>
        <a href="">+epsinurwijayadi</a>
      <li><span class="fab fa-deviantart"></span>
        <a href="">nurwijayadi</a>
      <li><span class="fab fa-github"></span>
        <a href="">epsi-rns</a>
      <li><span class="fab fa-gitlab"></span>
        <a href="">epsi-rns</a>
      <li><span class="fab fa-bitbucket"></span>
        <a href="">epsi</a>


Notice the .html extension file type.

Page Content: Include in HTML

The solution, is to use html document instead of markdown.

layout    : page
title     : About Rescue Mission

<p>This was not a rescue mission!....</p>

{% include "toc/social-accounts.html" %}

<p>Let me put to you like this.<br/>
If the secretary wanted me out of there,<br/>
then things are really bad out here.</p>

Notice this also use .html extension file type.

Render in Browser

This will result as:

11ty HTML: Include HTML in Browser

6: MathJax

MathJax is a huge topic that deserve their own article series. But using MathJax is simple and straight away.

This Mathjax can be in both markdown and html. So it is not specifically designed for markdown only content.

I have plan to use LaTeX and MathJax extensively. so I put this MathJax setting in this chapter. Just in case I forget, I can find my own example easily.

Partial: Nunjucks Scripts

MathJax can be use directly by using setting up this partial below:

  {# Additional javaScript here #}

  {% if mathjax %}
    {# include "site/mathjax.njk" #}
    <script src=""></script>
    <script id="MathJax-script" async src=""></script>
  {% endif %}

I also put MathJax 2.7 script setting in my repository.

Page Content: Post

Again, content for example purpose:

layout    : post
title     : House of Pain - Jump Around
mathjax   : true

Pack it up, pack it in, let me begin\
I came to win, battle me that's a sin

$$ \lim\limits_{x \to \infty} \exp(-x) = 0 $$

Get up, stand up (c'mon!) see'mon throw your hands up\
If you've got the feeling, jump across the ceiling

$$ \int_0^\infty \mathrm{e}^{-x}\,\mathrm{d} $$

Feelin', funkin', amps in the trunk and I got more rhymes

11ty Markdown: MathJax

What is Next ?

Consider continue reading [ Eleventy - Content - Shortcode ]. We are going to utilize shortcode in markdown content.

Thank you for reading.