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Goal: Overview of Jekyll Repository Step By Step

An example of pure Jekyll site without burden of any stylesheet for personal learning purpose.

Build: in plain HTML without stylesheet burden.

This repository is intentionally made without any stylesheet. We will use CSS frameworks later using different repository.

Jekyll Version

Since this repository is still using Jekyll 3.8, instead of Jekyll 4.0, you might need to run bundle install, depend on the situation.

$ bundle install

Chapter Step by Step

Tutor 01

Generate Only Pure HTML

  • Configuration: Minimal

  • General Layout: Default

Jekyll Plain: Tutor 01

Tutor 02

Include Liquid Partials

  • Setup Directory for Minimal Jekyll

  • New Layout: [Page, Post, Home] (extends Default)

  • Partials: HTML Head, Header, Footer

  • Basic Content

Jekyll Plain: Tutor 02

Tutor 03

Loop with Liquid

  • More Content: Lyrics. This is required for loop demo

  • Index Content: Index, Category, Tag, Archive By Year/Month

Jekyll Plain: Tutor 03

Tutor 04

Template Inheritance in Liquid

  • Custom Output: YAML, JSON

  • List Tree: Archives: By Year, By Year and Month

  • List Tree: Tags and Categories

  • Partials: Blog List, Terms, Archive

  • New Layout: Index (extends Page)

  • Markdown

  • Shortcode

Jekyll Plain: Tutor 04

Tutor 05

Pagination with Liquid

  • Pagination (v1): Simple, Number, Adjacent, Indicator

  • Pagination (v2): Simple, Number, Adjacent, Indicator

  • Meta HTML

  • Post Navigation

Jekyll Plain: Tutor 05

Tutor 06

Jekyll Plugin with Ruby

  • Filter: Year Text

  • Filter: Term Array

  • Filter: Pagination Links, Link Offset Flag

  • Filter: Keywords

  • Generator: Tag Names

Jekyll Plain: Tutor 06

Tutor 07

Jekyll Theme

  • Bundling Gem

  • Using Theme

Jekyll Plain: Tutor 07

What’s Next?

Consider continue reading [ Jekyll - Plain - Minimal ].

Thank you for reading.