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Goal: Overview of Jekyll Repository Step By Step.

An example of pure Jekyll site with Bootstrap OC as stylesheet for personal learning purpose.

Build: using Bootstrap OC as stylesheet.

This repository is based on Jekyll Plain without any stylesheet. We put on Bootstrap stylesheet as clothes using different repository, and face some adjustment in almost all _includes views.

Jekyll Version

Since this repository is still using Jekyll 3.8, instead of Jekyll 4.0, you might need to run bundle install, depend on the situation.

$ bundle install

Chapter Step by Step

Tutor 08

Add Bootstrap CSS Framework

  • Add Bootstrap CSS

  • Standard Header (jquery or vue or native) and Footer

  • Enhance All Layouts with Bootstrap CSS

  • Apply Bootstrap Two Column Responsive Layout for Most Layout

Jekyll Bootstrap: Tutor 08

Tutor 09

Combine with Custom SASS Material Design

  • Add (a bunch of) Custom SASS (Custom Design)

  • Nice Header and Footer

  • Enhance All Two Column Responsive Layout with Material Design

  • Nice Tag Badge in Tags Page

Jekyll Bootstrap: Tutor 09

Tutor 10

Loop with Liquid

  • More Content: Quotes. Need this content for demo

  • Simplified All Layout Using Liquid Template Inheritance

  • Article Index: By Year, List Tree (By Year and Month)

Jekyll Bootstrap: Tutor 10

Tutor 11


  • Widget: Friends, Archives Tree, Categories, Tags, Recent Post, Related Post

  • Refactoring Template using Capture: Widget

  • Pagination (v1): Adjacent, Indicator, Responsive

  • Pagination (v2): Adjacent, Indicator, Responsive

  • Post: Header, Footer, Navigation

Jekyll Bootstrap: Tutor 11

Tutor 12


  • Layout: Service (dummy)

  • Post: Markdown Content (test case)

  • Post: Table of Content (dynamic include)

  • Post: Responsive Images

  • Post: Syntax Highlight (sass)

  • Post: Shortcodes (include with parameter)

  • Official Plugin: Feed

  • Meta: HTML, SEO, Opengraph, Twitter

  • Multi Column Responsive List: Categories, Tags, and Archives

Jekyll Bootstrap: Tutor 12

Tutor 13

Jekyll Plugin with Ruby

  • Filter: Year Text, Term Array, Pagination Links, Link Offset Flag, Keywords

  • Generator: Tag Names

Jekyll Bootstrap: Tutor 13

Tutor 14

Jekyll Theme with Assets and SASS

  • Bundling Gem

  • Using Theme

Jekyll Bootstrap: Tutor 14

What is Next?

Consider continue reading [ Jekyll Bootstrap - CSS Intro ].

Thank you for reading.